Avenue Road, Freshwater

This page will contain information on the scheme to upgrade Avenue Road in Freshwater. The project includes the reconstruction and resurfacing of the highway and also the creation of other improvements to the streetscene including several pedestrian crossing points.

The scheme by Island Roads in partnership with the Isle of Wight Council and Freshwater Parish Council will see the reconstruction and resurfacing of Avenue Road. The project also involves the resurfacing of the footway and also the creation of other improvements to the streetscene including a series of pedestrian crossing points.

The project is due to begin on September 11 and last approximately twelve weeks.

So the scheme can be udertaken as swiftly and safely as possible, vehicular access will be restricted during the project. The work however will be phased to minimise inconvenience and pedestrian access will be maintained. Access to Avenue Road car park will also be maintained during the scheme apart from three days at the end of the works when the section outside the car park will be resurfaced. This will be done at night and publicised in advance when the dates are confirmed.

To explain more about the project, Island Roads has held two information sessions in Freshwater Memorial Hall. The first was on Tuesday August 15 between noon and 4.30pm and the second on Monday August 21 between 4.30 and 7.30pm.

We would like to thank the businesses and residents who attended these sessions and hope they were informative. Several issues around traffic management during work were raised. We will look at these and respond either individually or in a section of Frequently Asked Questions we will be adding to this site shortly.

A letter explaining more about the scheme including information on waste collection arrangements during work has been sent to the residents and businesses most affected. A copy of the letter can be viewed here

You can also read details of the traffic management plans for each of the different phases as follows:

- phase 2

- phase 3

- phase 4

Parking Permits

Please contact Freshwater Parish Council for details on how to apply for a parkimg permit during the works. Either call them on 01983 752000 oe email via their webpage


Overnight maintenance works in Tennyson Road, Freshwater (5/9/17- 7/9/17)

Please be advised that carriageway maintenance works will also be carried out in Tennyson Road, Freshwater in advance of the Avenue Road improvement scheme starting, as this road is being used as the main diversion route during the scheme. Works have been scheduled to take place over a couple of evenings between Tuesday 5th of September 2017 and Thursday 7th September 2017.  Tennyson Road will be closed to through traffic while these works take place but access to properties will be maintained.

A set of temporary traffic lights will be in place on the High Street between Tennyson Road and Avenue Road to allow two-way traffic in this section, which will mean that local traffic can then use High Street, Silcombe Lane and Princes Road or Heathfield Road if required.

Update - 22/09/2017

Works have progressed with the kerbing throughout this week and we have completed a couple of concrete accesses. We have fallen slightly behind the initial programme, but have put measures in place to complete the works as per the details in the original communication.

Next week we will be digging out the footways ready for resurfacing from Tennyson Garage to Hose Rhodes & Dickson, also we will continue preparing the remaing footways.

Update - 27/09/17

Kerb works have been completed, also the installation of the new gullies.  Additional resources will be on site mid-week.  Phase 2 will be commencing as previously communicated on Thursday 5th October 2017.

Update - 06/10/17

Today 6th October 2017 - Excavation commenced on Phase 2 on Avenue Road from Rainbow Fish Bar to The Avenue Road Car Park, where we planned off 150mm of material. 

Monday 9th October 2017 - Deep excavation will start and continue throughout the week.

Update - 13/10/17

We are writting to update you on thw progress of the works to upgrade and enhance Avenue Road / High Street, Freshwater. 

Phase 1 -  Kerbing and footway works are still ongoing and will continue to do so throughout the remainder of works.  The current widening of the footway and construction of the pedestrian crossing points in High Street will continue until the end of next week.

Phase 2 -  As initially communicated, Phase 2 commenced on Thursday 5th October 2017 and the carriageway excavation and reconstruction works comtinue as programmed.  we understand that there have been concerns raised regarding the level of resources on site.  We trust it is recognised that resources levels have increased significantly since we entred the full road closure phase.  in addition, working hours have been increased along with Saturday working.

Update - 20/10/17 

Works are still progressing well in Avenue Road and High Street, Freshwater.  We are aware of the concerns raised by business owners and will provide as much support as possible to help customers and business owners during this difficult period.  Island Roads are reviewing available media options to assist with circulating he 'open for business' message.  We will help get this started by giving regular updates on Twitter whilst we investigate other options.

We have been asked if the scheme has been extended onto the New Year and we need to confirm that this is not our plan.  We are still intending to start Phase 3 on Wednesday 1st November 2017 as programmed.  However, as our initial letter states, there are a variety of factors including inclement weather and emergency works that may affect the progress of the scheme.  If this position changes, we will notify the businesses and other stakeholders as soon as possible. 

This week we have finished the construction of the buildouts and pedestrain crossing points.  In addition, the carriageway has been completely excavated and we have been building the road back up which will continue into next week.  Please note that we have requested Southern Water return to site as we have concerns that the leak has not been cured.

Update - 27/10/17 

Works continue to progress well in Avenue Road and High Street, Freshwater.  We have progressed with laying the first two layers of surfacing materials in the road leaving just a final top coat to be done.  This has given us the ability to provide improved access for business owners when requested as well as open up additional crossing points to assist pedesrian and shopper movements. 

You will see the new shape of the footpaths emerging as we start to fill up the areas behind the new kerb lines, especially where we have constructed the build out areas at the High Street junction and also created the wider footpath towards the Rainbow Fish Bar at the junction with Tennyson Road.   

We will continue to work on the footpaths into next week which will help us remove the pedestrain barriers where it is safe to do so.  This will take us to the point where we can switch to Phase 3, where traffic can access the Avenue Road Car Park for High Street.  As there will be extensive changes to the traffic management layouts, we will ensure our site team update local business with the specific timings and arrangements.  Once this change over is complete and we all settle into the new routes, the excavation of the western end of Avenue Road is then expected to start later in the week. 

Please see Phase 3 traffic management details for your infomation. 

We can confirm that a press release and social media communicationby Island Roads have stressed the progress being made and highlighted the fack that business remain open as usual.

Update - 06/11/17 

We can confirm that phase 3 will commence on Tuesday 7th November 2017, following the traffic management being amended on the afternoon of Monday 6th November 2016.  This is several days later than the original programme anticipated and this is mainly due to slight changes in the scope of the works and delays caused by weather. 

As you know we have commited additional resources to the scheme so desite the delays experienced, we are still aiming for the original completion date of Friday 1st December 2017.  However as perviously communicated, there are a variety of factors including inclement weather, unforeseen ground conditions and emergency works that may affect the timing of works. 

We thank you for your continued suport and understanding throught the works and would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the residents and businesses, who have contacted us complimenting the scheme and the staff on site.  

Update - 10/11/17

As communicated, phase 3 commenced on Tuesday 7th November 2017.

You will be aware, the excavation of phase 3 did not commence until approximately 11.30am and this was due to a Ground Penetrating Radar survey being undertaken ahead of the works.  These surveys are undertakem ti identify the location and depths of utility services such as gas, telephone, electric and water. By undertakening this survey, it significatly reduces the risk of these services being struck by machinery, which will result in the loss of connection to businesses and premises.

Please be aware that further to excavation works, the ground appears to be made up of more clay than phase 2.  At present, it is dry and solid but we will monitor and carry out further testing as required.

Despite our commitment to Saturday working, this has not occurred over the last three Saturdays, for which we apologise.  One of these were during Storm Brian and works would have been suspended due to inclement weather conditions.  The other two Saturdays were due to issues with material supply.  We do monitor to ensure they are working to the agreed programme and can currently confirm that this scheme currently remains on schedule, despite recent inclement weather. 

Please be aware adjustment to kerbs that have already been laid will be undertaken next week and this is to resolve some quality issues. 

We do appreciate that there has been soon incovenience caused to local traders, but this should now become less disruptive as the switch in traffic management will allow traffic to pass in front of the business premises.  With the footways works completed within the main retail section, pedestrians will be able to access the shop with more ease.

Finally, we are extremely grateful to the residents and business owners for their continued patience and support during these works.  Once the scheme has completed, we expect the area to attract regular and new customers who will want to see the vast improvement carried out to Avenue Road.

Update - 17/11/17


We are pleased to report that works are still progressing well, with all of the carriageway in phase 3 excavated and sub base materials laid.

All the kerbing for the buildout has been completed to the kerb and footway on the south side.  These works will remove the step to the concrete apron in front of the shops and have been agreed following negotiations with the shop owners.  Please note that there is a possibility of some minor snagging works continuing after the road closure has been lifted on Friday 1st December 2017.

Traffic Management

We have received several enquiries asking when the section of the High Street between Avenue Road and Tennyson Road will be opened to traffic.

The section of the High Street between Avenue Road and Tennyson was always planned to remain closed for the duration of phase 3.  This decision was taken on the grounds of road safety, as motorists may not be expecting vehicles to travel from this direction and there would be an increase in the risk of a road traffic collision at the junction of High Street and Avenue Road.

However more importantly, there are two new pedestrian crossing points in Avenue Road (just west of the High Street) and (outside Fresh Hair).  The potential for pedestrians to step out into the path of a vehicle travelling westbound from School Green Road is very high, as they wouldn't naturally look to their right.  Therefore, we feel that the current traffic management arrangement should remain as it is for the duration of phase 3, with access to and from Avenue Road Car Park from High Street via Silcombe Lane and Heathfield Road.

Once again, we would like to thank you for your support and assistance throughout the works.

Update - 24/11/17

Over the past week we have completed the laying of base materials in the carriageway of phase 3, ready for the final surfacing layer in Avenue Road/High Street, Freshwater between Princes Road and Tennyson Road. 

Carriageway Resurfacing

Due to the weather forcast next week, the final surfacing layer will now take place during the day on Wednesday 29th November 2017 (phase 3 between car park and Princes Road) and Thursday 20th November 2017 (phase 2 between the car park and Tennyson Road).  The working hours on each day will be 07:30 to 17:00.  During these two days there will be no parking on the carriageway for health & saftey reasons due to the size of the surfacing machinery and thier movements.  During these works, please keep the footways clear of all items to ensure they are not damaged.

If this revised schedule of works is affected by adverse weather, we have resurfacing crew on standby for friday 1st December 2017. 

Fooyway Works and Road Markings

On Thursday 30th November 2017 and Friday 1st December 2017, all road markings will be untaking, along with footway works on the northern side (in phase 3), with a view of opening Avenue Road, Freshwater to through traffic at 17:00 hours on Friday 1st December 2017.  If you own a bussiness on the northern side in phase 3, please ensure that the footway is kept clear to allow the crew to complete the works.

Phasing Schedules for Next Week

Monday                         Phase 3

Tuesday                         Phase 3

Wednesday                   Phase 3

Thursday                        Phase 2

Friday                              Phase 3

As explained in last week's update, there is a possibility of some further works after the road closure has been lifted.

Update - 01/12/17


It is with great pleasure to inform you all that the works will complete in Avenue Road / High Street, Freshwater today with a proposed reopening time of 5pm.

Due to a burst water main and the cold weather, the phasing of the works did not go as intended this week and we would like to thank you for your cooperation and understanding, which allowed us to complete the works as planned.

Free Parking

Following discussions with Freshwater Parish Council and the Isle of Wight Council, we are pleased to announce that for the month of December 2017, Avenue Road Car Park will be free for up to two hours parking.  Island Roads have arranged and funded this free parking to say thank you to businesses, shoppers and residents for their understanding and collaboration during these works.  We hope this gesture helps to encourage shoppers to the village and allows business and residents to start benefiting from this scheme.

Additional Information 

During December, we will be distributing a Customer Survey.  We would be grateful if you could take the time to complete it and drop it into Freshwater Paris Council offices in Avenue Road by the end of January 2018.  We will use this feedback when undertaking major schemes in the future.

As previously advised, next week there will be some minor snagging works and finishing of the footways on the north side between Avenue Road Car Park and the Memorial Hall.  The traffic management for this will be signing and guarding, which may require the removal of several parking spaces at a time.

We hope that you enjoy your Lantern Parade this evening and the forthcoming festive period and would agin like to thank you for your support during the works.








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